System and method for identifying and transferring serial data to a programmable logic device. The RS end is a standard 9-pin D-sub connector for easy connection of all standard serial cables. As described in greater detail hereinbelow with respect to FIG. Highly programmable mac architecture for handling protocols that require precision timing and demand very short response times. Optionally, the single chip IC device is also provided with a full ASIC option so that the design can readily be converted from gate array type to a fully-masked, cell-based or full-custom version. These signals provide output information regarding the results of the last attempted USB transaction. In such a case, the cable itself could become the Ethernet adapter.

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An interface device is provided which enables communications nps devices having disparate protocols e. Portable data storage and image recording device capable of direct connection to a computer USB port.

Ram-incorporated driver, and uzb unit and electronic equipment using the same. The problem with the current generation of smart cables is that they are only available for a limited number of rather simple protocol conversions, and they are not easily upgradable. Networking support is provided via a NDIS 4. A universal serial bus USB controller, according to claim 19wherein the user-programmable section comprises one of programmable logic device PLD and a field-programmable nks array FPGA.

The overall purpose of such a single IC chip having this interface capability is to simplify the development of a USB-to-Ethernet function.

All other MacOS drivers. As in the previous embodimentin this embodiment the user’s logic function is implemented in the user-programmable logic e. NDIS drivers are also readily supported. adaptwr


Go back to your map software program that you use to transfer data and make sure it is looking at the correct port. For the fixed function portion, ASIC technology is used u.s.patetn efficiently implement the circuit.

Installing the Plugable USB to RS DB9 Serial Adapter on Windows 7 – Plugable

System and method for testing and configuring semiconductor functional circuits. What adaprer claimed is: Useful optional accessories not included. That is, typically drivers are required on the host computer to which the cable is attached to properly operate the smart cable. Further, most of these devices require either a relatively large connector such as Centronics connectoror a bulky dongle, to house the translation circuitry.

An electronic system, according to claim 7further comprising:. The apparatus 12 can be any number of other types of computer equipment including a network hub, a personal computer, a printer, etc.

USB Serial Adapter – Ultimate

Apparatus and method of providing network connection of data processing terminals. Customers who bought this product also purchased Additionally, drivers for the following operating systems are available:. Please click on the links below to find drivers and documentation for your wdapter operating system. Media Access Control MAC Embodiments Portable computing systems, such as laptop computers, mobile and personal digital assistant PDA types of devices, including digital cameras, audio and video equipment, storage devices, and the like, are increasingly being networked with one another, using various interfaces, with a varying degree of success.

System Integration It is clearly contemplated that the technique s of the present invention, as disclosed hereinabove, can be integrated with other electronic components and subsystems to realize a subsystem or a system having electrical functionality such as, but not limited to: Unless otherwise noted, or as may be evident from the context of their usage, any terms, abbreviations, acronyms or scientific symbols and notations used herein are to be given their ordinary meaning in the technical discipline to which the invention most nearly pertains.


After installing the included drivers and connecting the Serial to USB adapter to your computer, it will show up as a virtual serial COM port in Windows Device Manager where you can manage and configure it as if it was a standard built-in serial COM port.

USB to Serial Adapter driver downloads and documentation

That is, the apparatus 10 might be provided with an Ethernet ported network card 16 while apparatus 12 might be provided with a serial communications e. Highly programmable mac architecture for handling protocols that require precision timing and demand very short response times. In the description that follows, the example of interfacing a USB and a MAC interface is illustrative of adaapter any two dissimilar protocols.

DB9 – RJ45 adapter. I use it to set up and Externally, the transceiver connects to the physical layer of the USB.

USB transactions are automatically routed to the memory buffer No, however it will work with the majority of devices and we guarantee that the processor chip and drivers are fully optimized for Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 so you will not experience any driver problems.

Devices including interface cards are examples of such translator boxes An electronic system, according to claim 11wherein:.