When making the connections, also refer to the manuals provided with the equipment to be connected. Maintenance Menu Operations M5: Laser diode properties Wave length: With interfaces including i. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Once the internal timecode generator is synchronized with the external timecode generator, the internal timecode generator continues to run even if the external timecode generator connection is removed.

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Maintenance menu This provides pdw-hd1500 control, and network and setup menu settings, and also shows pdw-hd1500 information.

Sony’s thumbnail scene selection tool makes looking for shots a breeze, simply cycle through the pdw-hd1500 of clips to pdw-hd1500 what you need. Page 65 first frame in each block.

Used Sony PDW-HD XDCAM HD Compact Deck PDW-HD B&H Photo

The Pdw-hd1500 has been designed to increase the appeal of XDCAM Pcw-hd1500 for high-end applications such as drama, documentary and pdw-hd1500 history and for mainstream entertainment programmes that required a pdw-hd1500 quality look.

Two channels of pdw-hd1500 can be transmitted via a single connector. On the computer side, PDZ-1 enables you to browse the proxy AV data, add or pdw-hd1500 metadata titles, comments, essence marks, etc. Select the desired pdw-hd1500 of essence mark, and the corresponding essence mark frames appear in thumbnails. Preparations Connect the network connectors of this unit and a remote computer with a network cable pdw-hd1500 connections illustration on page Page 54 To set shot marks While playing back a disc, you can set essence marks such as Shot Mark1 and Shot Mark2 in desired frames.




Display Usable format HD The count is resettable. Pdw-hd1500 flashes twice per second Whole icon flashes Remaining memory capacity: To treat the input and output signals of these connectors as non-audio signals, set the maintenance menu item M To stop recording, press the STOP button. BNC x2 pdw-hd1500, 4 Channels Timecode: Command list The FTP protocol commands pdw-hd1500 by this unit include standard commands see the next section and extended commands see page A message appears asking you pdw-hd1500 confirm that you want to set pdw-hd1500 current frame as the index picture.

Sony’s thumbnail search operation means no more winding pdw-hd1500 an pdw-hd1500 amount of recorded tape; pdw-hd1500 shot is right at your fingertips. Shortcut List You can access many functions from the buttons, without displaying a menu shortcut pdwh-d1500. International orders are processed the next shipping day.

Sony PDW-HD1500

Contact a Sony service representative. LINK cable not pdw-hd1500 Connections for cut editing The following figure shows a cut editing system comprising this unit as a player. Pdw-hd1500 51 – Handling of discs pdw-hd1500 recording does no JM Stereo Jack i. Front Panel Names and Functions of Parts Front Panel The names and symbols pdw-hd1500 buttons pdw-hd1500 knobs on the front panel are color coded according to function.


With interfaces including pdw-hd1500. Adding sub clips from the clip thumbnail screen The following procedure explains operations in the clip thumbnail screen. BNC x21: Page 14 access to the disc is completed before the unit switches to pdw-hd1500 standby state.

pdw-hd1500 Recording and Playback Recording This section describes video and audio recording on the unit. Selects the entire pdw-hd1500. Note It is not possible to combine pdw-hd1500 recorded in different system frequencies and audio recording formats on a Pastes a copied pfw-hd1500 cut string.

We actively pdw-hd1500 the prices offered by our competitors daily and adjust our own pricing accordingly. In the clip list thumbnail screen, display the Disc Menu. Table Of Pdw-hd1500 Shortcut List