Another great point in this unit is the onboard DSP, albeit limited in terms of quantity of plugins, they are quite useful becouse you can record thru them. Additional Product Features Product Type. Impedance Ohm Level Range Ch. The pres sounded very good for me, but some dB more gain woundn’t be bad. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Skip to main content. Now let’s point its weaknesses.

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I love electronic products. Reputation in audio doesn’t come without legacy, and the reverb is the same on 24 so no “oil can sound” on this baby!

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Great sound and features. But if you’re a windows user you may check for compatibility first.

The Fabrik C channel strip and Fabrik R reverb built into this firewire audio interface are are indispensable 2d4 for shaping the sound. With its built-in real-time effects, the Konnekt 24D makes certain that the effects are put in simultaneously without any konnet. Good and legengary card already. The latency is nothing special like you achieve with a RME konnket. The imaging and depth are amazing and the sound has quite a “wet” quality that I really like.


Other weak point of this equipment is that it’s very sensitive to firewire controllers. Nice soft mixer etc This TC Electronic audio interface incorporates the world famous effects of TC Electronic that transforms your music into a masterpiece.

About this product Product Information Give your recorded music a touch of finesse with the Konnekt 24D. Conclusivelly, it’s a very good sounding unit.

TC Electronic Konnekt24D – User review – Gearslutz

Review this product Get the facts. The pres sounded very good for me, but some dB more gain woundn’t be bad. You may also like. I think that is a beautiful device. Yes, it’s true, in this card the headphone output sounded roughly as it have a high pass filter on it. Today’s Posts support us FAQ advertise our advertisers.

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TC Electronic konnekt 24D Analog Recording Interface

First of my disapointments with this unit is the headphone amp quality. This firewire audio interface boasts an incredible sound quality that is perfect for professional musicians who want to record their performance. In the mac platform it can go as low as 64kb but the track count will suffer a lot. If you’re on a mac, it’s plug and go. Frist of all let’s point this little interface strenghtsand as my ears are well educated lets get it started by considering the sound quality.


I usually had kb buffer and it is enough for tracking. And the reverb, oh boy! And why two headphone outs if they can only have the same source? More items related to this product. I’ve had a issue with the volume knob which needed replacement it was giving different volume levels for each side but instead I’ve mapped the volume to the control knob and everything runs fine.

TC Electronic konnekt konnnekt I think that is a beautiful device.