I have to admit, this would be a great bonus to my photography. Makeuseof has always been great and would continue to be great. I desperately am hoping to win this thing, cuz it would literally change my whole life for the better! I can use it by propping it on my lap, but when I need to work with my keyboard in parallel, things start getting awkward. These are tactile bumps on key buttons. Not really expecting to see anything any time soon either, to be honest. This has my name written all over it!

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The intuos4 did not have touch capabilities but it came with a mouse which, when the intuos was primarily for professional use, was what was wanted, a pen and mouse tablet. Being a “lefty” myself it isn’t always so easy to find things compatible and many times left handed persons need to make adjustments If you win, just come back to the review and read it with the tablet in hand — it would explain many things.

What a wonderful birthday present that would be! Oh, it’s not a problem at all. As a disabled Vietnam Vet, this tablet would help me greatly. If you are still looking for an answer to that question, I recommend posting it on MakeUseOf Answers. Thanks, that’s really helpful. Well, touch tables are essentially quite simple: But since I’m participating in this giveaway,I might as well learn as much as I can about tablet.

New Drivers  LEXMARK 3550 DRIVER

I loved to use it. If you have a large desktop work area, being able to constrain the pen to just one window or even one part of the window can help you draw more accurately.

This way, I basically “lock” it into a single window, or even a specific area within that window say, just the drawing canvas. I bought a bamboo tablet as an quick fix and MISS my other tablet. I love the Intuos 4, and I think the interface for Intous 5 is brilliant.

It is great with Photoshop and Illustrator–it has changed the way I make art.

Wacom Intuos5 Specs – CNET

It is basically a mouse replacement, but for the money, and expense, I find it OK, but next time out I will go for the 5. For example, one app may use Tab to hide all toolbars, while another may use Escape.

Sorry all, Andy was selected as the winner and we’re just finalising the details and he’ll be enjoying his brand new Wacom tablet very soon! This is my second Wacom tablet, after an ancient model originally bought around years ago. I love to have this pen tablet. Best wishes to everyone! This makes a big difference, because it lets you turn the tablet around so that the buttons are on the smal side for pressing with you intos5 handand the work area is on the left, making drawing natural and avoiding accidental button presses.


Wacom Intuos 5 Small

This is where all the action happens:. I don’t understand your contest.

Is this world wide EG can it be posted to Timbuktu or ‘back of Burke’? Thank you for the opportunity to win.

intos5 Very nice review with plenty of solid content to actually see an learn more of the Wacom tablet. I think I’ve figured it out, but boy howdy can that Disqus thing get confusing! Wacom Intuos5 tablet is new to me. I desperately am hoping to win this thing, cuz it would literally change my whole life for the better!

Wacom Intuos 5 Small | eBay

Being left handed, one of the most important settings for me is the left-handed mode: Thanks for this amazing giveaway! Alex, The winner will be announced shortly. I’d love to have one and I hope to win, as I’m getting started in web graphics design.

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