AlphaTrack control surface Reviewed by Allen Farmelo. Working with AlphaTrack is really fun, intuitive, simple, and effective. Frontier Design AlphaTrack accessories. If you would like to name a charity of your choice I’d be glad to make a donation. About halfway through the first day without the ProControl, I turned to my esteemed colleagues and said, “Man, I wish I had just one fucking fader! It takes a minute to learn the commands a combination of one and two finger moves , but once I did, using the shuttle strip was quite intuitive. Of course, there’s a whole lot more you can do with the AlphaTrack, and each user will find a way to make it suit the demands of her or his situation.

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Code is made by Livid out in Austin, Texas, Compared to using a mouse, I’m not only able to get the intuitive feel of a fader, but I can turn off the damn screen!

On reboot, the AlphaTrack should work.

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I had given up on using the Alphatrack, found no solution anyhere until now. Plus, we decided our Daisy-chain those with a jumper cable, and build out as needed I envision these in the sometimes unused space beneath a patchbay, perhaps. MacPro 5,1 Dual 3. Frontier Design AlphaTrack specs.

Like a lot of people, I’ve been watching the trend towards DAW mixing “out of the box. MacBook Pro Retina mid i7 2.

New Drivers  MPU L465 DRIVER

Frontier Design Group AlphaTrack DAW Controller | Guitar Center

Having designed The Monorail to some degree, I have some ideas to throw out into the creative ether. In the meantime, I aggressively advocate the AlphaTrack to anyone working without a control surface, especially if you don’t have room for a multi-fader surface.

The user can also tap on the left or right ends of the strip to navigate through a project’s markers. Tue Sep 09, 3: Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making.

I erased the Logic preferences, Placing a second finger onto the strip controls the timeline’s shuttle speed. Features Optimized for fast, high-quality Wlphatrack mixing and editing in a small footprint Intuitive, innovative, and powerful controls in an attractive package mm touch-sensitive, high-resolution true bit positions motorized fader Three touch-sensitive encoders Drop that in next to the master fader, and have a DAW-integrated fader right in your board.

Even bypassed the USB hub and went straight to the tower. Sun Jun 22, When booted, go the the Utilities menu up at the top and choose Terminal.

Frontier Design Alphatrack Motorized Mix Controller

I have alphatradk laptop set to record using Sonar; as soon as I plugged in the AlphaTrack and got it configured, it took me about 10 minutes to learn the features and program the function buttons.

AlphaTrack connects to your computer with a USB cable, requires that you install a small program to get it running, and that you make it known in your DAW.


Wait till it is finished and then quit the app. Mon Jun 02, So the installer, which was kind of designed for DP, also updates stuff that helps Logic users.

Frontier Design AlphaTrack DAW Controller B&H Photo

Thanks again and if you ever come to Cologne in Germany I’d like to at least buy you a beer!! AlphaTrack includes a mm, touch-sensitive, motorized fader with true bit resolution and three touch-sensitive encoders that provide quick control of pans, sends, EQ, plug-ins, and automation.

That worked yesterday, but not today. Zoom through your project with two fingers, then just lift one finger and slide to quickly set the precise position you want. After many years of regular use, it was starting to show its age. The main portion of the on-screen interface is divided Everyone I shared the idea with said it was a brilliant idea and that I should pursue it.

And you can also just tap on the left or right aophatrack of the strip to navigate through your project’s markers!