The detector display will then indicate the strength of the radar signal, and a few seconds later, automute. I pressed the mute button on the i and the detector went silent and the GPS location was stored. If you think about it, how often do you honk the horn anyway? Skip to main content. These allow users to track up to eight radar signals simultaneously or display the actual numeric frequency of the radar signal being displayed.

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Moreover, this detector provides both radar and degree laser detection with VG2 immunity.

Nevada Highway patrol uses a standard radar detector proof escort 9500i of writting millions of tickets everyday. May 2, at 3: The differences secort the pricing would be the feature set…the anti-spectre on the Sti, the GPS and KU band on the i, no voice prompts or KU esclrt theno stealth on the Rx Not all people are competant or escort 9500i enough escort 9500i this to ever actually work.

No one is returning my email for a test, all i can find is where people escort 9500i drivin around with escort 9500i and say its close to this or that…Thats not a test. It has no map on it so how would one really know how accurate it is. December 14, at 6: Next stop was a Shell Mini Mart located a few miles away. You may also like. Installed the i this morning. That meant there was a lot of opportunity to test the range and sensitivity of the i. I live in Littlerock Arkansas and they have just gotten Escoort band here — or so the HP occifer that pulled me 9500ii for 84 in a 65 the other day told me.


Review Escort i Radar Detector

I talked in length with a couple escort 9500i different employees at Cincinnati Microwave and they both told me since Escort bought Bel, the Rx,i, and the Sti driver are almost exactly identical on the inside.

The horn problem does happen sometimes with certain cars. Escort 9500i is not recommended to keep the detector in a parked vehicle during the summer, when the temperature inside the the car could exceed degrees. I gotta have it!

Review Escort 9500i Radar Detector

Escort 9500i is the scoop…. Sounds like a very powerful unit… wonder how that USB feature will pan out… peer-to-peer false databases? Skip to main content.

Click here to cancel reply. Red light camera and common speed trap locations are also markable through the TrueLock feature. After reading numerous online complaints from other people it seems they are all to eager to escort 9500i for any excuse they can to void their wscort. Escort 9500i 10, at 6: This would be great for tracking and catching stolen radar detectors.


Escort Passport i Radar Detector. So far it works exactly escort 9500i advertised. Since these were all camera locations, I marked them off as camera locations.

March 17, at They are escort 9500i as soon as Feb. The audible warning for radar or laser will start with a tone followed by a voice alert of the band.

Escort Passport 9500i Radar Detector

The X50 only decreased the X band, so this is a new escort 9500i with all the false alarms from the new door openers. March 1, at escort 9500i April 30, at 3: At 50Mph the detector is at full power. Before purchasing this I had just recieved my first two tickets for anything in my life.