As you can tell, this definitely decreases the performance of the TNT, but we’ll talk about performance figures a little later. These are the contents of the box: Firstly, Diamond should really consider adding a heatsink to the chip. MS DirectX Version 6. The box design is a notch above the former aircraft found on the Viper V

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So what is this card actually capable of? More Benchmarks results will be added latter in the week. All of this power is harnessed on a short reference board designed to fit aagp an AGP slot in order to take full advantage of the AGP 2X specification, transferring data on the sidebands of the AGP signal as well as during the peaks.

Featuring dual internal texture pipelines, the TNT has been claimed to be able to process multi-textured objects in a single pass, picking up where 3Dfx left off, nVidia managed to accomplish this using a single chip instead of using the two separate texelfx processors the Voodoo2 uses.

A pity is that the TNT diamohd is not attached with a heatsink.

Diamond Viper V550 graphics card – Riva TNT – 16 MB Series

The Biper V Viperization Experience. If you remember the comparison between virtually any two Voodoo2 accelerators, it usually came down to a comparison of software bundles or drivers. Built on a 0. And packed with a more powerful brain that G can’t cope with. Saving both slot space and your pocket. Hopefully will be able to do it soon.


And we managed to get it here for you. I won’t elaborate on this mentioned issue but on something more special Plus the fact that bugs are seen quite often on the card. Only then will this babe shine at it’s BEST.

Telling a G screen shot from a TNT would require a considerable amount of thought and such a comparison would definitely be reserved for those with an eye for the smallest differences among images, for the rest of us, the TNT’s image quality can be considered to be virtually on-par with that of the G MS Windows 98 Build 4.

The chip is touching hot when used for more than 10 mins. So is the TNT a G?

Diamond Viper V NVIDIA Riva TNT Video Card 16mb VGA AGP | eBay

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. There are gap some of you who do not know dimaond the current shipment is based on a. All drivers version are unable to be disclosed due to the fact that this review is based on a card that is not yet launch worldwide and will only be announced when it’s launched soon. The TNT chipset supports 3D, Z-Buffered, resolutions of up to x and, like the Matrox G, does support bit rendering giving it a slight visual advantage over 3Dfx’s Voodoo2 chipset.

Last updated November 21, You are reading about a product that is yet to be launch even in US. Recently, in the PC Hardware Industry, we became acquainted with the “rules” of this game with the wave of 3Dfx Voodoo2 based accelerators that hit the gaming industry like a storm. Virtually a repeat of the release of the 3Dfx Voodoo2 chipset, nVidia’s Riva TNT is quickly spawning batch after batch of cloned vipfr, meaning separating a single TNT card from another is diamlnd very difficult task.


Comments or suggestions, please direct to usand check out how you can advertise with us and target your products and service to computer buyers. The box design is a notch above the former aircraft found on the Viper V The nVidia Riva TNT, a chipset whose description on paper could have been the best graphics accelerator of So here they are:.

As you can tell, this definitely decreases the performance of the TNT, but we’ll talk about performance figures a little later. The reason for this could be directly attributed to tnr closeness by which manufacturers followed what is known as the reference design for their Voodoo2 boards.

What is recommended is at least a MHz processor, running at high resolution.

Diamond Viper V graphics card – Riva TNT – 16 MB Overview – CNET

Installation is similar to most Video cards. Qgp one needs help in installing the drivers, the manual explains the process.

Moreover, it would only be available for AGP users.