While S3 was lurking in the background, Diamond made a few new friends by the names of 3Dfx now 3dfx and Rendition. MS DirectX Version 6. Demo xx16 Page 6: Because of this, two distinct card varieties were created the creation actually took place much earlier than that , the high-performance Viper series, and the low-cost Stealth series of graphics accelerators. At the bottom of the card, near the AGP interface are 3 jumpers.

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Diamond Stealth III S540 Savage4 Pro

Expendable Demo xx32 Page 9: Following the Diamond tradition, the S comes in a huge box that bears an attractive cover design, it is also nice to know that Diamond actually hires a designer to design the box, not getting their engineers to do the job, a fine diiamond that is worth keeping. A quick check with PowerStrip showed that the memory was running at This time around, armed with the Savage4, diajond stepping in right as Diamond’s former companion, 3dfx, stepped out, S3 is ready to make amends and get their name back into the eyes of the public.

Installation of the S is basically peanuts like installing any card, diamoond slide it in and fasten the screw! At the bottom of the card, near the AGP interface are 3 jumpers.

Diamond Stealth III S540 (S3 Savage 4 Pro)

How Does This Board Perform? Diamond needs to spend more time re-considering that feature! As where indicated PII would mean I’m overclocking my system to 5.

Although the benchmarks do not show the RIVA TNT scorching ahead of the Savage4, it is quite enough to prove that S3 still hasn’t got what it takes to compete in the high-end video card sector yet. I wonder if this is Diamond’s intepretation of saving paper??? For the uninitiated, Mira is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi, so it’s not ii unknown brand. I don’t know when: Done x for all tests, Wintune and 3D Winbench.


It seems that I have to open one end to get the video card and the other end to the manuals and CDs, nothing difficult if the card is yours, since you simply rip open the package, something difficult for me since eiamond is merely a loan! We measured only a 4C difference between the Diamobd and S Xtreme. The default Diamond applications started up together with the system and the most annoying thing about it is whenever you left click on a blank portion of the desktop, the Windows 98 Start Menu pops up.

Videocard virtual museum ยป Diamond Stealth III S (S3 Savage 4 Pro)

Thermal Issues Yes, this is one of the most cruicial portions of this review, as seen from the images above, the Savage4 sports a heatsink without a fan courtesy of Diamond! Expendable Demo xx16 Page 7: Also, the Stealth III S was launched on the very day that Diamond lauched its Viper V based on nVidia’s Riva TNT2 as well, however the difference in the pricing of the V and the S is about or so dollars, thereby making the S a iii more attractive than its more expensive counterparts.

We also included the results of some of the more expensive top dogs into the review to provide an idea where the performance of these medium range graphics boards sit.

Diamond Multimedia, a company reknown for its multimedia products has a new addition to its Stealth family.

With Diamond’s desktop lineup being composed entirely by solutions from NVIDIA and S3, there must be an incredible level of attention paid to making sure that their own products don’t compete with one another. Because of this, two distinct card varieties were created the creation actually took place much earlier than thatthe high-performance Viper series, and stealh low-cost Stealth series of graphics accelerators.

While it may not be of importance to most users, TV-Out was certainly a must for me when I consider buying a video card, because my TV is not too far away from where my computer is placed and eiamond games on a 29″ Toshiba screen sure beats a Viewsonic 15″ anytime! But the only useful feature of TV out surfaces if you do not have things like a VCD player or DVD player to hook on to the TV, this is diamonv when you gather the whole family around with some snacks and sit down to etealth a movie or two!


The core also was un-overclockable as that portion was shaded in the PowerStrip options In other words, disabled.

Or should Diamond stick to selling off the rest of their unsold Voodoo2 inventory before exploring a daring move like the Savage4? Right clicking on any part of the desktop brings up Iij own menu, an eyesore really, considering the pause in between the menu loading, compared to the generic Windows 98!

Demo xx16 Page 6: Log in Don’t have an account? However if you intend to use Dismond out merely for bragging to your friends “Oh, I’ve got a Sony 29” monitor at home! IBM puts Linux on laptop. The next most important thing that the S lacks would be a TV-Out function. Well, I did not try plucking the heatsink off the Savage4 chip, but I guess that the heatsink is bonded by the normal paste like grey thermal compound, not like others which are bonded by adhesive so strong they could survive an earthquake intact!

The memory chips being used is the Mira 7ns type. Descent 3 xx16 DX6 Page