Where I don’t understand the process, is if I use the video card to expand the levels, the WMR9 renderer then looks fine, but the Haali renderer still looks the same still fine. I would look in that codecs settings for an option to invert the image. Use at your own risk. I am still haveing sometrouble playing full SBS to Anagylph with this code: I tried all renderers. YCbCr processing [Standard Y:

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Obviously the anaglyph anag,yph won’t be as good as the “actual” 3D with shutter glasses, but it’d be nice to, once in a while, watch some of the movies on a bigger screen with the anaglyph. It seems it went trough the entire file – 25GB and it took about 12 minutes and then it said that it was unable to connect to video pin and “can not render this file”.

If it’s correct, black should look black, not dark grey or vice versa. That may take a while, depending on the viddo of the video.


Right now i have 1 hdmi so for now i route through the avr which is only 1. Last edited by jagabo; 23rd Jan at On another note it would be simpler to take a normal blu ray and process it for a fake 3d anaglyph maybe. My wide gamut display has videi pretty different green primary red is a bit off too so that is probably my issue.

New Drivers  FIC AM37 DRIVER

The graphics adapter is not compatible, no blend factor. I am still haveing sometrouble playing full SBS to Anagylph with this code: That way you won’t be at the mercy of whatever DirectShow filters are installed on your system.

CoreAVC icon is displayd in system tray while playing. It sounds like you have found a nice way with ati too do this without manually switching things to make it work.

By yoda in forum Video Conversion. I can deal with wide gamut sti MadVR and downloaded a clip http: Dual head ie 2 connecters on the video card for dual monitor display. Do 2D images look okay on the TV?

Anaglyph 3D On A 2D Projector

By the way, that script is wrong for full size SBS. I’ll report back with results. I think the colour space options in the screenshot only apply if the first one is on something other than auto, but anyway YCbCr processing [Standard Y: I would look in that codecs settings for an option to invert the image.

Even using something like color bars http: I had 1 going to the avr and the 1 going to the TV.


Anaglyph images/movies on a LCD TV [Archive] – Doom9’s Forum

Sadly this is not supported with the current player, but if you bought a combo pack with DVD you could try that. I did get it working last night finally but it was strange in the how but I guess that’s HDMI for ya!

I was involved in a discussion regarding Potplayer and the levels used on playback in another forum a while ago. Another tought – Is there a way to use this scrip to make completely new mkv? I was going a little overboard with my dvi to hdmi adapters. It’s not like the levels get expanded twice.

MPC-HC also has a right click option for changing levels. Ok I ran my 3D setup for nvidia. Please let me know if it works? I can only test the Haali vidwo as I use XP, but if I have the video card set anaglgph display video according to the video player’s settings, using MPC-HC the WMR9 renderer produces a slightly “washed out” picture on my PC monitor, whereas the Haali anablyph definitely expands the levels and it’s darker.